Well Water Safety
Private, individual wells are the responsibility of the
homeowner. To help protect your well, here are some
steps you can take.

Listed below are the six basic steps you should take to
maintain the safety of your drinking water.

  1. Identify potential problem sources
  2. Talk with ”local experts”
  3. Have your water tested periodically.
  4. Have the test results interpreted and explained
  5. Set a regular maintenance schedule for your well,
    do the scheduled maintenance and keep
    accurate, up-to-date records.
  6. Remedy any problems.
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Identify Potential Problem Sources
To start your search for potential problems, begin close to
home. Do a survey around your well:

  • is there livestock nearby?
  • are pesticides being used on nearby agricultural
    crops or nurseries?
  • do you use lawn fertilizers near the well?
  • is your well "downstream" from your own or a
    neighbor's septic system?

If any of these items apply, it may be best to have your
water tested.
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